By Robert C. Baldwin, James A. McPeek

ISBN-10: 0826006507

ISBN-13: 9780826006509

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Still, Greek heroic myths express the Greeks’ willingness both to seek out new lands and to communicate information, however incorrect. This was especially true with the story of Jason. Jason led an expedition of 50 men in search of the Golden Fleece. Their ship was named the Argo, so the men were known as the Argonauts. indd 38 9/11/09 4:12:35 PM The Inquisitive Greeks  39 came from a ram, or male goat, that had been sacrificed to the god Zeus. It hung from a grove of trees in Colchis, a distant land at the far eastern end of the Black Sea.

To exploit it, of course. , he sent a man named Patrocles on an expedition to the Caspian Sea. Patrocles sailed along the southern edge of the sea, noting the various rivers that entered there. He returned with claims that the Caspian Sea opened into a northern ocean. He also claimed that it was connected by a water route to India. These claims would mislead the Greeks for some time to come. Meanwhile, an Indian by the name of Chandragupta Maurya had seized power in northeastern India. indd 57 9/11/09 4:12:48 PM 58  EXPLORATION IN THE WORLD OF THE ANCIENTS Alexander’s forces.

Meanwhile, they also sailed to the west, trading with the people of southern Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, and possibly even Spain. The Mycenaeans did not set forth to find new lands. They traveled the well-known routes of the day, apparently interested solely in trade. , a new wave of Greek-speaking people moved down from the north and began to compete with the Mycenaeans. These people were known as Dorians. Within a century or two, they had replaced the Mycenaeans as the dominant people in many parts of Greece.

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