By Jean Bouillon, Cinzia Gravili, Francesc Pagès, Josep-Maria Gili, Ferdinando Boero

ISBN-10: 2856535801

ISBN-13: 9782856535806

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They may be classified in two categories, those exclusively ectodermal, proper to Leptomedusae, and those of ecto-endodermal origin, found in Limnomedusae, Actinulidae, Trachymedusae, and Narcomedusae. The ectodermal statocysts of Leptomedusae develop in the velum, where they form open or closed pockets or vesicles, characterized by specialised cells, the lithocytes, containing a variable number of round An introduction to Hydrozoa FIG. 29. Histology of the medusae, illustration of a longitudinal histological section at the level of the tentacular base of the medusae of Cladonema radiatum, Anthomedusae (after Bouillon & Houvenhagel, 1970).

B, longitudinal section through a ramified-capitate tentacle of Cladocoryne floccosa (A after Bouillon, 1974; B Bouillon original). B = marginal bulb; CB = embryonic cells; Cnid = cnidophore; Ect = ectoderm; End = endoderm; End Ch = chordal tentacular endoderm; CG = gastric cavity; Mes = mesoglea ; Nemb = cnidoblast; Per = periderm; T = tentacle. FIG. 15. Histologie des hydroïdes, illustrations de sections histologiques longitudinales de différentes parties d’Anthomedusae. A, section longitudinale d’un tentacule marginal d’une méduse de Teissiera milleporoides montrant la structure des cnidophores.

Endodermal circular muscle; Nem = cnidoblast; Pe = periderm; Per = perisarc. FIG. 17. Histologie des hydroïdes, illustration d’une section histologique longitudinale de la portion basale d’un hydranthe de Laomedea flexuosa, Leptomedusae, montrant la structure d’un desmocyte (d’après Bouillon & Lévi, 1971). At Per = desmocyte ; C Ab = cellule digestive ; C Gl Sph St = cellule glandulaire sphéruleuse stomacale ; Di = diaphragme ; Ect = ectoderme ; End = endoderme ; Hth = hydrothèque ; I D = inclusion digestive ; I Ex = inclusion excrétrice ; Incl Ap = inclusionapicale ; Mes = mésoglée ; Mu Ect = muscle ectodermique longitudinal ; Mu End = muscle endodermique circulaire ; Nem = cnidoblaste ; Pe = périderme ; Per = périsarc.

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