By Stan Lee

ISBN-10: 1590196295

ISBN-13: 9781590196298

The 1st ever ibooks novel via the mythical Stan Lee, founder of wonder Comics and co-creator of Spider-Man and the X-Men! The German struggle computing device rolls throughout Europe, crushing every thing in its direction. the US and her Allies have just recently entered the conflict, yet is turns out each side are too calmly matched. The battle may perhaps drag on for years, may well move both way...until the day the saucer fell like an arrow from the heavens, bringing with it secrets and techniques of world-shattering end result. The Nazis are quickly to catch the spacecraft and its unearthly occupants; the Allies ship in a suicide squad, a bunch snidely known as 'Logan's Losers' - to both retrieve the extraterrestrial beings and their secrets...or wreck them. Russia, too, learns of the downed flying saucers and sends their very own agent into the guts of Germany. yet there's a traitor one of the Allied invasion strength, operating to convey the Allies down from inside, and whilst Logan eventually reaches his aim, it's a prisoner of the 3rd Reich, sentenced to die on the hand of an outdated, implacable enemy.

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He cocked his head as if asking Logan to dance. “Go ahead, have fun,” Logan shouted, barely audible in the din. Punchy waded into the crowd and took down a Royal Marine with a simple jab. qrk 8/16/01 2:58 PM Page 45 T H E A L I E N FA C T O R higher than he was, and the guy’s eyes rolled like cherries in a slot machine. Logan heard a piece of a scream and turned to see Nicole, pulling at the back of a fat man’s suit. The fat man was the only man in civvies in the whole brawl, but he was wringing a Canadian soldier’s neck, flopping the man around as the boy flailed helplessly.

France! What do you know about France? Do you know how they came into the cabaret and arrested everyone? Do you know they stuck a pistol into my husband’s mouth and blew his head off? ” Nicole threw back the covers and went to the window. She opened the curtain, indifferent to whether anyone could see her. In the bluish light from the hazy sky, she looked much older, at least a decade older than she had when she was singing. He stood silently for several seconds, then slumped to the chair with his forearms on his thighs.

It was hard, too. The creature did not respond, so he pushed harder. Its resistance reminded Borck of wood. He could feel it give way a bit, but it was nonetheless solid as oak. If the creature felt pain, it would have felt the knife; however, it had not reacted. Borck considered pushing harder, but did not. He sat and tried to understand what lay before him. The only thing he knew clearly was that the ship this creature had come in, could contain undreamed-of secrets. He glanced back at the old couple crumpled together, weeping against each other.

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