By Bernd Sturmfels

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This ebook is either an easy-to-read textbook for invariant idea and a demanding study monograph that introduces a brand new method of the algorithmic part of invariant idea. scholars will locate the publication a simple creation to this "classical and new" quarter of arithmetic. Researchers in arithmetic, symbolic computation, and desktop technology gets entry to analyze principles, tricks for purposes, outlines and info of algorithms, examples and difficulties.

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In particular, it is known that every matrix representation € of a compact Lie group is reductive. f B /d , where d is the Haar probability measure on €. For details on reductive groups and proofs of the general finiteness theorem we refer to Dieudonné and Carrell (1971) or Springer (1977). Let us now return to the case of a finite group €. Here the general inconstructive finiteness result of Hilbert can be improved substantially. The following effective version of the finiteness theorem is due to E.

B) Show that CŒx€ is a finitely generated module over the invariant ring CŒx€ , and give an algorithm for computing a set of module generators. (c) Find an example where CŒx€ is not free as a CŒx€ -module. ^ C / denote the subalgebra of €-invariants. id C ´ /: j€j 2€ (6) * Prove the following expression of the Molien series in terms of the character “trace” of the given representation of €. This formula is due to Jari´c and Birman (1977). 1 trace. 3. The Cohen–Macaulay property In this section we show that invariant rings are Cohen–Macaulay, which implies that they admit a very nice decomposition.

This implies both (a) and (b). G We also need the following “weak exchange property”. For combinatorialists we note that h. s. o. ’s do not form the bases of a matroid. 3. Let 1 ; : : : ; n and Â1 ; : : : ; Ân be h. s. o. ’s of R, with all Âi of the same degree. Then there exists a C-linear combination  D 1 Â1 C: : :C n Ân such that 1 ; : : : ; n 1 ;  is an h. s. o. p. Proof. S / D 1. Let T denote the image of CŒÂ1 ; : : : ; Ân  in S . S / D 1. 3. The Cohen–Macaulay property 39 normalization lemma, there exists a linear combination  D 1 Â1 C : : : C n Ân , i 2 C, which is a parameter for T .

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