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The labour market situation of older workers As pointed out in the previous chapter, encouraging higher participation rates is a necessary step in addressing the demographic challenges of ageing and, to a broader extent, improving economic outcomes. In this context, older persons represent an untapped resource and therefore, promoting employment among current and future generations of older workers will be an avenue of the utmost importance. A. 1). The decline has been most dramatic for men aged 55 to 59 and 60 to 64 where the participation rates have declined over 15 and 31 percentage points, respectively.

Source: National Statistics Institute, Spain. 10). But termination of fixed-term contracts is another important reason why individuals exit the labour market. C. Many non-employed individuals of age 50-64 can be mobilised and would like to work In order to measure the extent to which these older inactive (and unemployed) individuals represent an untapped employment resource, estimates of mobilisable labour resources have been carried out. e. 4). 4. 3 OECD a) Mobilisable labour resource is the sum of excess inactivity and excess unemployment.

Heavy exposure to health and safety hazards may lead to a disproportionate reliance on sickness and disability schemes – an issue to be raised in more detail in Chapter 3. And there is evidence that such health and safety hazards are relatively high in Spain, notably in certain sectors, such as construction. 11 . For a detailed discussion of the effects temporary and fixed-term contracts have on the labour market see Dolado et al. (2002). 12 . In 2003, “manual” occupations accounted for more than 50% of total employment for older workers compared to 42% for prime-age workers.

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