By Petr Biskup

ISBN-10: 9027255601

ISBN-13: 9789027255600

This monograph addresses concerns, levels and adverbials. It proposes that there's a correlation among the part constitution, the tripartite quantificational constitution and the knowledge constitution of the sentence. This correlation performs an incredible function not just in referential and information-structural homes of arguments and the verb but additionally in adverbial homes. for example, the examine indicates that yes sentence adverbials can ensue within the sentence-final place within the vice president part once they characterize the intense worth with recognize to the set of concentration choices. The proposed correlation additionally turns into vital in anaphoric family members with appreciate to adjuncts. in simple terms an R-expression spelled out and interpreted within the CP section of an accessory clause can corefer with the coindexed pronoun. The examine additionally discusses adverbial ordering and exhibits that the relative order of definite adverbials should be reversed in the event that they take place in several levels. The monograph will entice syntacticians and linguists drawn to the connection among syntax and its interfaces.

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According to Chomsky, in non-OS languages (Romance or English-type Germanic), which do not observe (27c), the object in situ can also get both types of interpretation (Int or Int’), whether or not it occurs at the phonological border. , in the case of successive-cyclic wh-movement. ╇ Phrasal movement  c. Pavel1 tu knihu2 [vP t1 koupil t2]. ’ d. Pavel1 koupil3 tu knihu2 [vP odpoledne t1 Jirkovi t3 t2]. ’ Since OS is driven by the EPP-feature, which gives the interpretation Int according to (27b), the object in situ may not be assigned Int in Czech.

E. Int) but they cannot receive the backgrounded interpretation there, which should also be involved in Int. According to Chomsky (2001), OS languages can move shifted objects from the OS position to a higher position in the sentence. As he points out, building on Holmberg (1999), shifted pronouns in Mainland Scandinavian and shifted full objects in Icelandic are in a position higher than the edge of vP. Therefore Chomsky argues that OS languages have a phonological rule Disl that moves shifted objects to some higher position.

The next argument supporting the proposed analysis is based on coordination data. It is widely held that only constituents (of the same type) can be coordinated. Let us begin with sentence (9b), which is repeated and coordinated with appropriate constituents in (11). Example (11b) shows that soused is a constituent of the phrase Pavla nakopal odpoledne soused and so can be coordinated with another similar type of DP. Similarly, (11c) demonstrates that odpoledne soused is a constituent (containing the constituent soused) and so can be coordinated with another similar type of vP.

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