By Samuel D. Faust and Osman M. Aly (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0409900001

ISBN-13: 9780409900002

Booklet through Faust, Samuel D., Aly, Osman M

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71 leads to the cancellation of m , and J and also leads to a proportionality to the φ function. 72. " T h i s coalescence into a single universal curve is called the principle of correspondence, which should be obeyed for adsorption of dilute solutes on heterogeneous adsorbents. 71]. 72 can be used to predict adsorption isotherms of a single solute using the Κ function of another solute as a reference. ) of the solute in the solvent, saturation capacity (mx), and free energy of immersion (AG).

43. Polanyi, M. Verh. Inst. Physik Ges. 18, 55 (1916). Polanyi, Μ. Ζ. Physik 2, 111 (1920). , and M. Manes. J. Phys. Chem. 75, 61 (1971). , and M. Manes. J. Phys. Chem. 75, 3720 (1971). , and M. Manes. J. Phys. Chem. 81, 1646 (1977). , and M. Greenbank.

Net Sum of all interactions. Source: Reproduced from Altshuler and Belfort [27], courtesy of the American Chemical Society. the presence of the solvent, and polymer mixing. 32, A G r e ,d results from an entropy or free volume reduction. 33) 48 Adsorption Processes for Water Treatment GAS PHASE Q Ü 0 Δ 6 (got) Solute (a) Complex AG* SOLVENT PHASE AG assoc (solvent) Reduction in free volume van der Waals forces between species Electrostatic interaction ^ £ 7 with solvent (b) Ι·; 1 κ van der Waals ' ί · — v > interaction with solvent Reduction of cavity in solvent Figure 2-9 (a) A pictorial representation of the association adsorption reaction in the gas and liquid phase.

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