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E. , azodicarbonamide) to silica-EVA composites produces cellular products. The extent of cell formation was measured as a function of the quantities of peroxide and blowing agent (Figure 3). Two properties, density and compression modulus, 2 BLOWING AGENT, PHI 3 FIGURE 3. Density (- -) and compression modulus ( - ) of cellular EVA-28 containing 30 phr HS-200 silica. Table VIII. 200 Silica, No Silane) Chopped Fiberglass, a phr ML (1+4) 1000 C. 8 aChopped Strand 450, PPG Industries, Fiber Glass Division M.

Zinc stearate, zinc oxide and stearic acid, are added to reduce adhesion to the surfaces of the mixing equipment. While EVA resins are normally thermoplastic, the filled EVA resins are preferably converted to thermosets by the addition of peroxide crosslinking agents. This is done for two reasons: 1) to improve high temperature properties and 2) to make them easier processing (especially injection molding). The second benefit follows because the material is injected into a hot mold, thereby operating at lower viscosity.

All rights of reproduction in any form reserved. I S B N 0-12-637502-X 50 E d w i n P. P l u e d d e m a n n a n d Gary L Stark on polymer cure. The treated filler should remain chemically inert with the plastic during mixing but combine with the polymer during the final cure or molding operation. FIGURE I INTER-RELATIONSHIPS IN COMPOSITES B. Rheology Control of rheology of filled resin systems is of such great practical significance in fabrication of composites 11 that it may out-weigh the "coupling activity of silane coupling agents in importance.

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