By Paul K. Feyerabend

ISBN-10: 8883585283

ISBN-13: 9788883585289

Questo libro di Feyerabend costituisce una dura sfida al razionalismo scientifico che sta alla base degli ideali occidentali di "progresso" e di "sviluppo", le cui conseguenze sono dannose sul piano sociale ed ecologico sono ormai largamente riconosciute.

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Therefore the rule ought to be never to enhance the author’s vocabulary, even when tempted to do so. But the translator is unfortunately obliged to use variations on certain occasions. Let us take a look at the term bouquet. I said that it appears nine times, and it is clear why Nerval uses it in such abundance. The theme of a floral offering runs through the whole story: flowers are offered to Isis, to Adrienne, to Sylvie, to Aurélie, to the aunt, and just for good measure at a certain point even a bouquet de pins makes its appearance.

I have a lot of experience working with the translators of my own texts, but very little as a translator of other people’s texts. 6 In the course of this task, I checked out about a dozen previous Italian translations, and four English translations. 7 After having read this text a great many times, it was only on translating it that I became aware of a stylistic device that Nerval often uses. Without the reader’s becoming aware of it (unless he reads the text out loud – as a translator must do if he or she wishes to discover the rhythm), in certain scenes with a powerful dreamlike quality Nerval inserts metrical lines, sometimes complete Alexandrines, sometimes hemistichs, and sometimes hendecasyllables.

Faced with ‘nos tailles étaient pareilles’ (when the narrator is standing before the beauteous Adrienne in chapter 2, where Sieburth translates, ‘We were the same height’), I could not manage to find a seven-syllable line that was as smooth, and I ran aground on the shoals of a decasyllable that, if isolated, would sound rather martial (‘eravamo di pari statura’). But even in this case, in the flow of the discourse, I think that this scansion emphasizes the symmetry between the couple standing face to face.

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Addio alla ragione by Paul K. Feyerabend

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