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Sample text

1H Ci) CL)’ 02 Ci (I)< — 0< CZ’ CI H- ‘ Ci 02< i--’- ‘ Ci) 01 0< C -. 1 • 0 Ci . ) 0 r H- 0 c+ o< —4 C)) c-iCD-. CT) C) I ci- C Cl) Ct) F% U) 0 c-Fp c-i’H- ‘ 02< 0 I—’ Cl) — H’I (2) (-2-i H(2)’ (0 • “0 CDI ci- I Iti Hl CD Cs) Cl) “Cl ‘ H- <+ HCi I—’ C’) H(1) I ‘— \j - 1t12 (‘ iCT’ N D) lo< t) • CD P CI (2 I—’ I — (2)’ < CL) Cl) CND I ‘— Ci) — Hi P H- Hi ( C CD Hi F—” I 02< — c-I- CI) r’ H- ci- F IZ’ ‘1 ) - H< CD “S - c-iI-” r IH- 1<-i- I CI) 0 H-’ H- d c-I- CC) P 1 ‘0 CD ‘- “C) . ) — IP-. ) t c f-’ P (I) (I) ‘ Ci- I C.

Divine service, pamarnYti (—mno,—rnnè,—rs) think a little, consider. — stocking. psniakà, —k — inclination. — similar. 1. unmarried lady, psniè (2) miss. 2. Miss. 3. bride— elect, intended bride. — plia (dial. for paleT) w. acc. by, alongside. pallkti (—lika,—lIko,—liks) leave behind. palikti’eji the ones left behind. — — palukti (—kia, —ké,—laks) k wait a while (for). palydêti (—ldi,—dèjo,—dês) escort, accompany. similarly. — — 34. ja,—ojo,--os) (a story). — — say. pas1epti (pàslepia, pàslépé, —sléps) (be able to) hide.

A (1) — blue. the blue (of te sky), m1yné (1) blue spot. — melsvas, - (4) ménesfena (1) — mitas (2) — — dearest, stake, pole. myléti (mli,myiejo,my1es) love. nas, —à (3) loved, beloved. — — dearer. — amiably, sweetly, lovingl7. — ieiiusias, —a (1) most beloved. - bluish. moonlight. myikis (miisi ,myijosi,my1sis) love each other. — mnOti (mIni,uiinéjo,mines) mention. minià (4) — — crowd. mnkyti (minko, minké, ml nkys) knead. — 2. :V m1nktas, —à,-a (3) - night. naktis, -its (4) for the night. nkiai soft.

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