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This quantity offers the entire transcript of a five-day seminar with Milton Erickson. Her the reader will event Erickson conversing approximately his approach to treatment, demonstrating his innovations, telling one attention-grabbing anecdote after one other - anecdotes which frequently produce emotions of cognitive dissonance and shock, yet finally remove darkness from new methods of seeing sufferers and brooding about psychotherapy. In his introductory bankruptcy, Jeffrey Zelig demonstrates how Erickson used anecdotes to speak on numerous degrees right now in an exceptionally strong method. moreover, the appendix offers a close dialogue via Erickson and Zelig of 2 introductions within the transcripts, revealing the precision of Erickson's educating, within which each circulation each inflection and each organization have value.

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Looks at Z. ) Concerning psychotherapy... (Here Erickson went on to introduce and discuss his therapeutic approach. ) This brief anecdote is an elegant piece of communication. It contains many levels of message. It is an excellent example of how many messages can be condensed into a relatively short communication. What follows is a listing of the messages that Erickson was directing to me in that brief anecdote: 1) The anecdote was a confusion induction of hypnosis. No mention was made of hypnosis, but the anecdote with its references to majors and minors was, in fact, confusing.

Roxanna took me into the other room and explained that her father was a practical joker. However, Erickson’s behavior was an excellent nonverbal hypnotic induction. All of the parts necessary to induce hypnosis were presented in Erickson’s nonverbal behavior. He was confusing and he disrupted my conscious set. ” Further, Erickson modeled hypnotic phenomena. He modeled the stepwise cataleptic movement that patients show when they do an arm levitation. Moreover, his behavior focused my attention.

For example, in the transcript of the week with Erickson, toward the end of Wednesday, Erickson tells stories about symbolic psychotherapy. He describes a case of a couple’s therapy where he sends a psychiatrist and his wife out to do tasks alone. These tasks include climbing Squaw Peak and going to the Botanical Gardens. In this case, Erickson used an activity to get patients to symbolically recognize themselves and take appropriate action. However, Erickson is also providing an example to the therapists in the room listening to him.

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