By Anthea Trodd

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ISBN-13: 9780919813892

A survey of the variations of Edwardian writing and the way they healthy into literary and cultural swap. This ebook covers writers similar to Conrad, Forster, Wells, Bennett, Shaw, Kipling, Tressell, Hardy, Yeats and Woolf. Modernists resembling Lawrence and Mansfield also are incorporated. the writer combines literary feedback of writing within the Edwardian interval with cultural checks (for instance, she examines imperialism and patriarchy), and units her paintings in an ancient context.

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And she was a woman',22 he declared, and later, 'artistic ambition overweened in Page 9 the unhappy lady and she wrote Middlemarch'.  . worse than George Eliot's. '24 The academic defenders of English literature, asserting the new prestige of a discipline once seen as a lower form of cultivation for female students, were equally urgent on the equation of literature with masculinity. 25 Clearly there was little place for female readers, let alone writers, in this patriarchal tradition. Quiller-Couch's colleague, Professor Sir Walter Raleigh, who in 1904 became the first holder of the Chair of English Literature at Oxford, took a more dangerously provocative line in manliness.

Conrad: Lord Jim, Nostromo, The Secret Agent Conrad's later Edwardian novels conduct a critical enquiry into the specifically English idea of imperialist apartness. Lord Jim, 1900, like Heart of Darkness serialised in Blackwood's, examines the kind of imagination produced by the reading of romances of masculine adventure. Jim's juvenile reading has given him the sense of invulnerability and privilege which Wells feared. The idea of heroic distinctiveness he learns from his reading proves less appropriate to crisis than the workable sense of duty which sustains the French officer who salvages the ship Jim deserts.

16 To many liberal commentators the Boer War seemed to be realising the beginnings of that regression. The major liberal critique of imperialism of the period, John Hobson's Imperialism, 1902, a critique later adapted and extended by Lenin, warned that the major consequence of empire for Britain would be a barbarisation of the national character. In his earlier The Psychology of Jingoism, 1901, he saw the mafficking crowds on the streets and the operations of imperialist media, the jingo press, the music-hall, imperialist fictions Page 21 for boys, as evidence that the British were regressing to the savagery of those nations they pretended to civilise.

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