By Johan van Benthem

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Intensional good judgment is the technical examine of such "intensional" phenomena in human reasoning as modality, wisdom, or circulation of time. those all require a richer semantic photograph than normal fact values in a single static atmosphere. this type of photo is supplied by way of so-called "possible worlds semantics," a paradigm that's surveyed during this publication, either as to its exterior assets of motivation and as to the interior dynamics of the ensuing software. particularly, ^IManual of Intensional Logic^R provides the main "classical" themes, together with modal good judgment, annoying common sense, and conditional good judgment, all of which illustrate motivations coming from philosophy and linguistics. The ebook additionally discusses fresh computational functions in machine technological know-how and AI. eventually, ^IManual of Intensional Logic^R takes up contemporary advancements within the examine of language and data making themselves felt within the zone. The e-book examines the position of partial information--with illustrations drawn from diversified branches of Intensional Logic--and quite a few affects stemming from present theories of the semantics of usual language, regarding generalized quantifiers and theories of sorts.

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W. Salmon, Laws, Modalities and Counterfactuals, Synthese 35, 1977, 191229). Another example, concerning conditionals and verisimilitude, will be found in Chapter 10. But certainly the most exciting new developments of Intensional Logic have taken place in various areas of a new discipline, viz. Computer Science From its inception, computer science has been intertwined with logic in various ways. Computability is connected with notions and results from Recursion Theory; but also Model Theory plays an important role in the semantics of programs.

Kamp, H. 1979. Instants, Events and Temporal Discourse. In R. , Semantics From Different Points of View, Berlin: Springer, 376-417. Van Benthem, J. 1984. Tense, Logic and Time. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 25, 1-16. From Durationless Points To Extended Periods The motivation for this ontological move is, as usual, both philosophical and linguistic. Philosophically, there is the existence of two complementary views of time (and space). One is "discrete," in terms of points and their aggregates, the other is more "continuous," in terms of extended periods and their ever finer subdivisions.

Jens-Erik Fenstad has suggested various interesting analogies between the semantics of this chapter and scientific uses of parallel worlds that might be pursued. One such program was proposed already earlier in the seventies by Albert Dragalin at Moscow, concerning axiomatizations for various physical modalities in space-time. (See V. B. ) II Recent Developments 1 Computational Applications The main emphasis in the preceding chapters has been on the original motivations from philosophy and linguistics guiding the development of Intensional Logic.

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