By John HORDEN, Bishop of Moosonee.

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29 30 Michael Stubbs Cameron & Deignan (2006) discuss the emergence of the phrase emotional baggage, which has stabilized recently as a preferred way of expressing a culturally shared schema. The phrase expresses “a negative view of past emotions and memories” (2006: 679). The following examples are from the BNC. She couldn’t help but sound cynical. “... It won’t help, you know. ” No, he isn’t the cause of my nightmares. My past is. It’s the emotional baggage I’m hauling around that’s causing all the trouble.

G. give lectures every Monday morning). It may be advisable to wish your neighbours “good day” when you see them, but you do not have to, and you do not require special authorization to do so. Three concepts of keywords When I put these points to a group of students recently, one student objected that the model doesn’t work with, for example, novelists. But it seems to me that the student had in mind a rather dubious notion of the free and creative artist, who works outside social conventions. Novelists write novels for readers who have bought their work, and this is only possible within a set of conventions and institutions.

London: Longman. , Steffens, D. & Tellenbach, E. 1997. Schlüsselwörter der Wendezeit. Berlin: de ­Gruyter. Kay, P. & Fillmore, C. J. 1999. Grammatical constructions and linguistic generalizations: The what’s x doing y? construction. Language 75(1): 1–33. Ladendorf, O. 1906. Historisches Schlagwörterbuch. J. Trübner. Lepp, F. 1908. Schlagwörter der Reformationszeit. Leipzig. Mason, O. & Platt, R. 2006. Embracing a new creed: Lexical patterning and the encoding of ideology. College Literature 33(2): 155–70.

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A Grammar of the Cree Language, etc. by John HORDEN, Bishop of Moosonee.

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