By Chajda I., Langer H.

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Add O. 5 N NaOH (which converts the drug to a phthalamic acid with a shift in UV spectrum), wait 10 min, and repeat absorbance reading. Recovery at the O. 5-2 ppm level is 80-112%. 109. Bell, F. , Krantz, J. , JAPM-39-94-50. Ultraviolet absorption of heparin sodium. 110. Belles, Q. , Littleman, M. , ANCH-32-720-60. Acetylisoniazid and isoniazid both have max at 265 nm (acid) and near 300 nm (alk), but the alk shift of the former occurs at pH 10 and that of the latter at pH 12, making possible a 2-pH UV method for their determination to 1 ppm in blood, serum, and urine.

Bender, D. , Sawicki, E . , Wilson, R. , ANCH-36-1011-64. UV spectra were among the tools used to characterize carbazole and the following polynuclear carbazoles in DMF and DMF-29% methanolic tetraethylammonium hydroxide (5 : 1) after separation by thin-layer chromatography: HH-Benzo(a)carbazole, 5H-benzo(b)carbazole, 7H-benzo(c)carbazole, 4H-benzo(def)carbazole, 7H-dibenzo(c,g)carbazole, 1-azacarbazole, 2-hydrocarbazole. 116. Bennett, E . , JAFC-6-618-58. Xylose can be determined in the hemicelluloses of forage crops such as corn cobs, rye straw, and clover grass by UV absorption after treatment with 79% H2SO4.

206. Broughton, P . M . G . , LANO1963-I-1266. , bemegride (cf. item 205) causes NaOH extracts to have too high an A below 240 nm. Its interference can be removed by incubation at 38 C for 2 hr. AIk soln of carbromal absorb below 250 nm. In cases of "carbrital" poisoning (carbromal + pentobarbital), an alk hydrolysis will destroy the carbromal without destroying the pentobarbital. 207. Brown, B. , Wright, S. E . , JAPM-49-777-60. The spectra of 38 cardiac glycosides, aglycones, and aglycone derivatives were studied in the range 210-600 nm in 98% H2SO4; X max, X min, and E 1%/1-cm are tabulated.

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A Cayley theorem for distributive lattices by Chajda I., Langer H.

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