By Sean Bryan, Tom Murphy

ISBN-10: 1611450233

ISBN-13: 9781611450231

A funny option to convey youngsters that being assorted could be a lot of enjoyable! How could you're feeling if one morning you awakened with a big-eared, wet-nosed bunny in your head?Would you be stunned? And what could you do in the event you discovered the bunny's identify used to be Fred? And he cherished it there on best of your head? You'd be varied out of your neighbors, who've not anything on their heads, yet hiya! That's ok too.This fascinating fun-filled ebook a few boy and distinct buddy will satisfaction younger readers and enchant their mom and dad besides.

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Hm? Wasn’t me. Lucky for us that you didn’t end up flooding the place… …We’d have owed master Grig a small fortune to replace these rugs! Eudora! Listen to me, woman, and listen good. There’s a redheaded girl and a blue norker somewhere in the inn. Don’t bother asking why, but it’s important they stay in the inn, get me? The last thing I need is some bunch of red-caped do-gooders hoggin’ any reward the Queen might be offerin’! If you see ’em, try to corner ’em someplace. Just don’t let those Queen’s Dragons out front know they’re here.

The Queen makes those kinds of decisions. The Queen decides whether you have another drink? Ha! Just my Silver Coast sense of humor there. No disrespect intended, good sir. Now here’s that drink… Well, we’re in another dark room. How’s that for progress? Looks like a pantry. The coast is clear… …let’s go. There’s the door…let’s make a run for it. Wait! Oh, great. Look! It’s Patchy McOne-Eye! Any other bright ideas? Now, Captain, you never did answer my question. Three steps forward… Okay, five steps forward… You said the Queen decides whether or not to offer a reward, but you never said whether or not she had decided.

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