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Companies are leveraging these technologies to help employees get the information they need—at the exact moment they need it—to make better, more informed business decisions. A commodities trader, for example, can electronically “nudge” one of his colleagues about a change in prices as quickly as tapping out an instant message. An OEM can instantly transmit the bill of materials for a product to a subcontractor as an attachment to an email, so work on a given project can begin immediately. Given the benefits of just-in-time decision-making, it should come as no surprise that approximately 15 billion person-to-person emails (not counting spam or email notifications) are sent every year, with the amount of email and the size of the accompanying attachments growing all the time.

We have limited time so expensive, it rarely makes sense for and staffing,” said Kelly Paradis, director of anyone to do it themselves,” Farah said. Web development at Agristar. “We want to “It almost behooves them to do it outside. ” InfoStreet differentiates itself from InfoStreet’s SAAS model was appeal- other SAAS providers by creating a unique ing to Agristar because it allowed the per-user, per-day pricing model. “If our ISP to support a handful of users in the customers have clients that are using beginning and then grow.

But the problem that most solution providers have with engaging with ISVs is that the IBM is not the only majority of ISVs small compainfrastructure vendor are nies with limited sales organizations. that has put a lot of According to Duncan, less than 20 emphasis on ISVs. percent of all enterprise software sales are accounted for by Oracle and SAP. The next 50 or so vendors with the most sales represent an additional 25 percent of the enterprise software market, and the rest of the sales of enterprise software are made up of thousands of companies.

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