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WHAT CAN WE RECYCLE? This bench is made from recycled plastic bags! At this mine they are extracting nickel. Recycling metals like nickel helps save these nonrenewable materials. Waste and Need People buy, use, and dispose of products at a rapid rate. Products made of human-made materials are a problem. Think about items such as mobile phones, computers, and refrigerators. All of these things make garbage when they are no longer of use. This is why it is important to recycle as many things as possible.

One recycled metal can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours. Some things are turned into amazing objects. CDs pencils Plastic bags clothes Shipping containers houses RECYCLE What’s Recycled? 3% 20 36 Glass containers Plastic soft drink bottles Magazines Aluminum soft drink cans Yard trimmings Steel cans Cardboard boxes 0 Newspapers 10 This house is built from shipping containers. It is a great example of recycling. 37 Today, more people than ever are recycling manufactured objects.

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