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Reports the anatomy, body structure, embryology and pathology of the lens. Covers the epidemiology, assessment and administration of cataracts; offers an outline of lens and cataract surgical procedure; and explores the issues and specific occasions of cataract surgical procedure. final significant revision 2008 2009.

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Laye r upon layer. As each 28 • Lens and Cataract secondary fiber cell detaches from the capsule, it loses its nucleus and membrane-bound organelles. The secondary lens fibers formed between 2 and 8 months of gestation make up the Jetal nucleus. Lens Sutures and the Fetal Nucleus As lens fibers grow anteriorly and posteriorly, a pattern emerges where the ends of the fibers meet and interdigitate with the ends of fibers arising on the opposite side of the lens, near the anterior and posterior poles.

These deformations can also be seen in the red reflex, where, by retroillumination, they appear as an "oil droplet:' (This condition should not be Figure 4-4 Posterior lenticonus as viewed by retroillumination. CHAPTER 4, Embryology. ) The posterior bulging may progress with initial worsening of the myopia, followed by opacification of the defect. Surrounding cortical lamellae may also opacify. Lens Coloboma A lens coloboma is an anomaly of lens shape (Fig 4-5). Lens colobomas may be classified into 2 types: primary coloboma, a wedge-shaped defect or indentation of the lens periphery that occurs as an isolated anomaly; and secondary coloboma, a flattening or indentation of the lens periphery caused by the lack of ciliary body or zonular development.

C, Schematic of PSC. , division of elBA-GEIGY Corp. Reproduced w ith permission from Clinical Symposia. Illus tration by John A. ) Again, much of this risk seems to be accounted for by a single dominant gene. Identification of these genes will be important, because understandi ng the biochemical pathways in which they funct ion may suggest ways to slow the progression or prevent the development of age-related cataracts in a large number of cases. Hammond CJ, Duncan DD, Sn ieder H , et al. The heritability of age-related cortical cataract: the twi n eye study.

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