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A 2 × 2 m grid) of a soil property, such as depth, which can be directly related to the surface topography through the digital elevation model. 15 illustrates the result. More details of this approach are given in “Starting the Soil Survey,” chapter 2. Currently, the most widely used soil sensors are based on the electromagnetic spectrum, including electromagnetic induction (as in the EM38), gamma-ray spectroscopy measuring gamma radiation emitted by naturally occurring radioactive elements in the top 30 to 45 cm of soil, ground-penetrating radar (using long-wavelength radiation), and laser-imaging radar (using ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared radiation).

This range of rock types naturally gives rise to a variety of soils. 9). Such soils are generally well drained. 3 The Processes of Gleying and Mottling The weathering of Fe-containing minerals releases ferric (Fe3+) and ferrous (Fe2+) ions, which are in a reversible equilibrium (a redox reaction) that depends on the availability of oxygen (O2). High O2 concentrations (characteristically aerobic conditions) favor Fe3+ compounds, particularly the oxides (general formula Fe2O3. nH2O, where “n” is a variable number), which are insoluble and orange-red (“rusty”) in color.

3 Climate-maturity groupings based on growing season average temperatures. The horizontal bars represent the range of temperatures for which each variety is known to ripen and produce high to premium quality wine in the world’s benchmark regions. , 2012). • an increase in mean growing season temperature that varies from region to region globally • a more variable macroclimate and mesoclimate, with an increased frequency of unusually hot days and unseasonal frosts • changes in the amount of rainfall, its distribution between regions, and its seasonal incidence Site Selection and Soil Preparation 35 Any one of these could affect the suitability of a given cultivar for a particular region or subregion.

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